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    Instruction Manual – Ramsond CUT series plasma cutters Rev 10-0993 © Copyright Ramsond Corporation. All rights protected.


    Plasma . 0-240VAC. 11. Plasma System . 2016.03 . MATCO MA48 PCA48 PFC . AIR PLASMA CUTTER. IMPORTANT: Read this Owner’s Manual Completely before attempting to use this equipment. Save this manual and keep it handy for quick reference. Pay particular attention to the safety instructions we have provided for your protection. Contact your

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    5.1 Cutting Torch Maintenance Plasma cutting torches use ionized air (plasma) as the arc that “melts” the metal and is pushed away by the compressed air. This plasma arc exceeds 50,000°F (28,000°C) when it is pushed through the .030”-.040” (0.8-1.0mm) hole in the berylium copper cutting tip. Considering these extreme temperatures,


    Plasma 110-240VAC Plasma System . HSP-40 PFC AIR PLASMA CUTTER IMPORTANT: Read WKLV2ZQHU¶V0DQXDO&RPSOHWHO\ before attempting to use this equipment. Save this manual and keep it handy for quick reference. Pay particular attention to the safety instructions we have provided for your protection. Contact your

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    Plasma cutters provide the best combination of accuracy, speed, and afford ability for producing a variety of flat metal shapes. They can cut much finer, and faster than oxy-acetylene torches. How a plasma cutter works: Basic plasma cutters use electricity to superheat air into plasma (the 4th state of matter), which is then blown through the metal

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    Operating Instructions and Parts Manual Plasma Cutter PLASMA 375 -Keep harmful arc rays shielded from the view of others. -Mount the plasma cutter on a secure bench or cart that will keep the welder secure and prevent it from tipping over or falling. 1.2 Your Plasma Cutter’s Condition

  • A Quick Guide to Running Your Plasma Cutter Optimally at Home

    Aug 27, 2020 · When cutting thicker steels and metals, your plasma cutter will draw between 40 to 50 amps, so a solid power supply is essential. Air Compressor The air compressor is a very important factor as this is what generates the pressure for the plasma.

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    Before you begin using the Eastwood Versa Cut Plasma Cutter make sure you have the following: • A clean, dry air supply source for the torch. An air compressor capable of delivering 5-7 CFM @ 60 PSI is required. You can even use a portable air tank with regulator. The air supply must be dry and the use of a moisture trap is strongly recommended.

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    Cut 50 Plasma Cutter ReviewI got a couple of emails asking about the cheap $229 eBay plasma cutters from China. So I spent the cabbage and bought the Colossa...

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    AngelBlade CAM Pro Cutting Software. AngelBlade CAM Pro Cutting Software Introduction. AngelBlade CAM Pro cutting software was R&D in 2008, which can be used for flame, plasma, laser, waterjet cutting machines’ CAD CAM cutting software. AngelBlade CAM Pro cutting software supports more than 100 types of cutting codes, like Hypertherm, Messer, Esab, Koike, etc. over 100,000 sets of …

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Operational Manual | MachineMfg

    Plasma cutting machine is a new type of hot cutting equipment, its working principle is based on the compressed air as working gas, high temperature and high speed of plasma arc as heat source, molten metal will be partially melted, and at the same time high-speed air blow away the molten metal, and form the narrow cut seam.

  • Plasma Cutting With and Without Air: Which Should You ...

    Plasma cutters with built-in air compressors rely on a fixed air pressure. And since that pressure is such a key component, any leaks in the system can have a huge effect on your cutting results. For example, your plasma cutter may develop “ internal air valve leaks after extensive use ,” which wastes potential cutting …


    Plasma Cutter: Glasses: cutting for dummies.In this video I'm...


    For straight-line cuts, use a straight edge as a guide. To cut circles, use a template or a radius cutter attachment (a circle cutting guide). See Accessory parts on page 65 for the Hypertherm plasma cutting guide part numbers for cutting circles and making bevel cuts. Page 50: Edge Start On A Workpiece 2. Pull the torch trigger to start the arc.

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    Mar 13, 2007 · Figure 1 An air filter and dryer help maintain the air quality needed for optimal cutting. Many plasma cutters come with a drag shield that is placed on the cutting surface to maintain an optimal 1/8-in. standoff (see Figure 4 ). This is especially suitable if your hands are unsteady, or to perform pattern cutting.

  • How to Use a Plasma Cutter - Beginner Welding Guide

    Using a plasma cutter: the specifics and details. Every plasma cutter is going to operate a bit differently. Consequently, it’s always best to consult your owners manual before starting. Some like the Lincoln plasma cutters will have built-in air and safety guards. While others will need shop air and have limited safety guards.


    55A PLASMA ARC CUTTING MACHINE PLASMA60i INTRODUCTION The PLASMA60i is an inverter-style plasma arc power source designed for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It uses compressed air or nitrogen to facilitate the cutting process. The maximum cut depth is 3/4” and the unit will sever up to 1”. Depth-of-Cut adjustment for

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    Vulcan1000B Manual with Drawings. QUICK-SEARCH MACHINE PARTS. Vulcan1000B Manual with Drawings. Please give us a call at 866-493-4771 or Contact us for more detailed inventory. ×. Some of the products aren't available in stock all the time, we are willing to work with the manufacturers and obtain them for you. Please call us on 866-493-4771.

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    PLASMA CUTTER USE AND CARE Do not operate the plasma cutter if the torch or ground cables are wet. Do not immerse them in water. These components and the plasma cutter must be completely dry before attempting to use them. • Follow the instructions in this manual. • Keep the plasma cutter in the off position when not in use.

  • RAZOR CUT 40 AIR Plasma Cutter | UNIMIG® Welding Supplies

    RAZOR CUT 40 AIR Plasma Cutter. $1,545.00. The RAZOR™ CUT 40 AIR is the perfect plasma cutter for the professional who wants a powerful plasma cutter with a built-in air compressor. Fitted with a 15 AMP plug, this machine is made for the workshop and worksite. The RAZOR™ CUT 40 AIR boasts some serious cutting power with 10mm clean-cut and ...

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    working in plasma cut mode, the arc is compressed by the rapid-circulating air, and then its temperature reaches 10000 ~15000 degrees in the state of ionization, thus turning into strong plasma arc. Ramsond CT series units can be widely used in welding and cutting

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    50 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, 4/5 in. Clean Cut, 80% Duty Cycle 90-Volt to 300-Volt Wide Voltage APC-50HF is the newest model of the professional APC-50HF is the newest model of the professional digital control plasma cutting machine with built-in advanced inverter technology. Its high-quality design was manufactured in accordance with industrial level standards.

  • How to Use A Plasma Cutter - A Beginners Guide

    Feb 24, 2021 · The miller plasma cutter offers one of the best cutting power in a small package. It only weighs 21lbs! Moreover, it is one of the industry's most portable and powerful 60-amp plasma cutters that offer 7/8" mild steel cutting. The CNC plasma cutter type is one of the most expensive plasma cutters available in the market.


    Page 1 MAX200 ® Hand Torch Plasma Arc Cutting System Instruction Manual 800870 – Revision 17 EN50199 EN60974-1...; Page 2 IM087 Revision 16 6/20/04 Changed Page Description 6.20 Added 128904 torch handle replacement kit and rearranged parts list. 6.21 Added numbers to illustrate what parts are included in kit 128904. 6.22 Added 128905 torch handle replacement kit and rearranged …

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    Make sure the information you fill in Manual Compressed Air Plasma Cutting Installation The Plasma is up-to-date and accurate. Add the date to the document with the Date function. Select the Sign icon and make a signature. You will find 3 available options; typing, drawing, or capturing one. Be sure that each field has been filled in correctly.

  • How To Select and Operate a Hand-Held Plasma Cutter [Guide]

    Jul 02, 2007 · Plasma cutting benefits. One cut is often all it takes. Fabricators, contractors, maintenance personnel, artists and do-it-yourselfers who experience the benefits of a hand-held air plasma arc cutting machine rarely want to return to oxy-acetylene cutting or mechanical cutting processes such as saws, cut-off wheels, shears and snips.

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    turning on the Air Plasma Welder/Cutter. 4. Unplug before performing maintenance. Always unplug the Plasma Welder/Cutter from its electrical outlet before performing and inspection, maintenance, or cleaning procedures. 5. Never leave the Plasma Welder/Cutter unattended while energized. Turn power off if you have to leave the Air Plasma Cutter. 6.


    25A PLASMA ARC CUTTING MACHINE PLASMA30i INTRODUCTION The PLASMA30i is an inverter current power source machine, designed for cutting electrically conductive materials (metals and alloys) using the plasma arc procedure. The plasma gas may be air or nitrogen. The lightweight portable inverter plasma cutter has

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    AIR CONTAMINATION The plasma cutting process generates large quantities of hot metal dust and fumes that would be hazardous if uncontrolled. A blower pulls a vacuum through the fume extraction assembly in the bed of the machine. The blower pulls the dust-laden air through a customer supplied filter before exhausting the air to the environment.

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    The PCA68 PFC plasma cutter is supplied with a compressed air filter/dryer and adjustable air flow knob. The air hose from the compressor should be connected directly to this air regulator. Connecting additional regulator on line can reduce air flow to the cutting torch and damage the system.