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  • Affordable CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine - Koike

    The ShopJet is a cnc waterjet cutting machine manufactured by Koike Aronson to effectively cut a wide range of materials and applications. Smaller footprint and accessibly priced. Request a quote today!

  • Koike: Cutting Nozzles

    Cutting nozzle106 M7 Heavy Pre-Heat. Gas mixing machine cutting nozzle. Présentation >>. Gas mixing machine cutting nozzle. Présentation >>. High speed cutting nozzle mix.

  • Koike: Detail

    CNC OXY-FUEL & PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE, Advanced investment for high cutting productivity with plasma bevel cutting capability › Read Specification Other Types

  • Koike: Cutting Nozzles

    Cutting nozzle 402 ST: Cutting nozzle 406 NT: Cutting nozzle EPOCH: Standard cutting nozzle for IK-82 Series Data Sheet>> Standard cutting nozzle for IK-82 Series

  • Koike: Handy Auto Plus

    The Handy Auto Plus is a portable hand held gas cutting machine with an integrated drive system, ignition device and Start-Stop-function for pre-heating flame. It ensures highest cut quality in vertical, circular and shape cutting as well as beveling. Besides cutting …

  • How to Use a Cutting Torch Tip Chart | The Harris Products ...

    The Harris Cutting Tip Chart contains information on tip style/size selection, oxygen gas pressure settings (pre-heat flame and cutting stream), cutting oxygen gas orifice (center hole) sizing, fuel gas pressure settings, hose size recommendation, travel speed (machine cutting…

  • CNC Cutting - Koike

    Koike Aronson's CNC portable cutting machines one is tailored more towards plasma cutting and the other oxy-fuel cutting.

  • Koike: PNC-12 Extreme

    The PNC-12 EXTREME is a whole new innovative cutting solution developed with KOIKE's highest standard. It is a perfect machine to enter the world of CNC cutting. Based on the demands from the market for a simple, affordable, and versatile CNC cutting machine, KOIKE designed a machine that is portable, operated by CNC, and suitable for both oxy ...

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    Category: WEL-HANDY MULTI Series. 1 2 3 4 5... 12 › ». Home; About Us; Products; Clients; News; Video; Download; Contact

  • Koike: Portable Cutting Machines

    KOIKE Europe B.V. – All rights reserved. Visit this page in another language: EnglishEnglish

  • Portable CNC Profile Cutting Machine

    The PNC-10 Elite is the economical portable CNC cutting machine to cut complex geometries costs of high quality with Oxy-fuel and Plasma cutting. With its ideal equipment for small-and medium-sized enterprises, the PNC-10 Elite portable cutting machine …

  • Koike: 102

    12 rows · Cutting range. Cutting speed. Pressure Mpa (Kgf/cm 3 ) Consumption (m 3 /h) Kerf. Width. …

  • Lasertex-Z Series - Koike - PDF Catalogs | Technical ...

    CUTTING WIDTH - RAIL WIDTH- OVERALL WIDTH Lasertex Z Series Specifications Positioning Accuracy Rapid Traverse Speed Specifications Subject To Change Koike Aronson, Inc./Ransome 635 West Main Street Lasertex-Z Series recision CO2 Laser Cutting Machin Koike Aronson/Ransome, Inc. introduces the Lasertex Z series large gantry laser cutting machine.

  • Koike: LASERTEX-20/40/60Z

    Description. KOIKE original CO2 Laser Cutting Machine in which the Oscillator is mounted on the carriage. Even if LASERTEX fixed optical path length device is not used, the optical path length is kept fixed, providing stable beam transmission and cutting quality. Original KOIKE's structure of Σ box and oscillator mounted on carriage provides ...

  • Portable CNC Cutting Machine - Koike: Home

    cutting solution developed with KOIKE's highest standard. It is a perfect machine to enter the world of CNC cutting. Based on the demands from the market for a simple, affordable, and versatile CNC cutting machine, KOIKE designed a machine that is portable, operated by CNC, and suitable for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.

  • Koike: CNC Machines

    CNC Machines. PNC-12 Extreme; PNC-Pipe; Portable Cutting. IK-12 NEXT; Handy Auto Plus; IK12 Beetle; IK-93 HAWK; IK-72 T; Picle-1; Auto-Picle S; KHC-600D; Mini-Mantis II; Portable Welding. Wel-Handy Multi NEXT; Wel-Handy Mini Strong; IK-72W / IK-72W Weaving; Accessories. Oxy fuel torches; Couplings; Cutting Nozzles; Dealer Locator; About Us ...

  • CNC Cutting Machines | Plasma, Oxy fuel, Waterjet ... - Koike

    Koike cutting machines are ruggedly built with only the highest quality parts to deliver the ultimate in performance and accuracy. With CNC plasma, oxy-fuel, laser and waterjet options available, we can bring you the best solution for your needs. Every Koike cutting machine is designed and developed in the United States, allowing for accessible ...


    machine operation. Shown: Cutting table and IHT cutting torch optional Koike Aronson Inc./Ransome has designed the PlateProXHD to provide excellent thermal cutting at an affordable price. This automated dual side drive, plasma/oxy-fuel cutting machine is cost efficient and is manufactured in the U.S.A. There is also a two-year warranty.

  • Hypertherm Cut Charts | Consumables - Koike

    Hypertherm Cut Charts for their consumables can be found here. Or call Koike Aronson'sat 585-492-2400 for further assistance.

  • Koike: Detail Produk

    MK-Type Cutting Torch Series. Ini adalah tulisan deskripsi dari product MK-TYPE CUTTING TORCH SERIES and Nulla sodales feugiat augue vel pulvinar. In pellentesque sagittis elit, a consequat dui …

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    Koike is a world leader in CNC Oxy-Fuel, CNC Plasma, Fiber Laser, CO2 Precision Laser, Waterjet Cutting, Welding Positioner, Portable Cutting and Welding Carriages. Koike have 100 years of experiences and have one of the brodest line within the industries that we serve.


    KOIKE ARONSON K-JET Waterjet Cutting Machine. Effective cutting area: 68” x 128”. Machine Accuracy: +/- .005” over entire cutting area Machine Repeatability: 0.002”. Max Rapid Feedrate - 500 IPM. Max Cutting Feedrate - 500 IPM. Precision Helical Rack and Pinion Precision Linear Bearing. Machine Dimensions 160” Wide x 100” Long x 72 ...

  • Koike: Products

    Gouging Nozzles; Heavy Dutty Cutting Tips; Line Heating Noozzles; Scarfing Nozzles; Welding Nozzles ... Cutting Applications for Portable Cutting Machines. Cutting Machine for All Position. Cutting Machine for H-Beam. Cutting Machines for Circle Cut. Cutting Machines for Multi Purpose. Cutting Machines for Pipe. Cutting Machines …

  • Koike: Home

    In the "Cutting and Welding Equipment" sector, taking advantage of the superior technology as a leading manufacturer of Cutting Machines for many years, developed the wide range of the Thermal Cutting, Portable Cutting Machines varying from a Hand-Held Blowpipe Type to the CNC cutting machines those were manufactured and sold.

  • Cutting nozzle - Koike 100 series - Koike - gas

    Only the original Koike oxy fuel cutting tips: 102, 102HC, 102-D7, 103, 103-D7, 106, 106HC, 106-D7, 107 and 107-D7 are designed and manufactured to provide high quality cutting, safe operation, longer cutting life, high speed cutting and save gas costs. In addition our 100 series cutting tip can be used to replace Airco® style cutting …

  • Koike: Detail

    Effective cutting length: 1,5 00 mm or 2,500 mm selectab le cutting range: Rapid speed : 3,000 mm /min. Cutting speed: 100- 2,000 m m/min. Supply voltage: Single phase, 110V or 220V selectable by internal switch: Heat shield plate : Provided at side of the machine / Silver color painted : Gas cutting: Gas cutting …

  • Cutting Machines - Versagraph Cutting System Wholesale ...

    The Plate-Fab Plasma/Oxy-fuel CNC Cutting Machinefrom Koike Aronson, Inc. is a unitized design incorporating a downdraft or water cutting table. Engineered for increased precision and more options at a lower cost the Plate-Fab can be configured to cut plates sizes 5 or 6 foot wide by 10 or 12 foot long and up to 2 inches thick steel.

  • Koike: Cutting Nozzles

    Cutting nozzle106 M7 Heavy Pre-Heat. Gas mixing machine cutting nozzle. Data sheet>>. Gas mixing machine cutting nozzle. Data sheet>>. High speed cutting nozzle mix. Data sheet>>.

  • Koike: PNC-Pipe

    PNC-PIPE plate and pipe hybrid CNC cutting machine Affordable pipe cutting solution Easy to operate, much faster and cleaner cut compared to manual hand cutting Cuts both plate and pipe Machine switches between plate and pipe mode by simply changing a parameter setting. Single machine …


    Description. FLAME PLANER is equipped with multiple gas vertical cutting torch.Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine for cutting of flat steel by cutting a straight lines simultaneously. Gantry structure provides the possibillity to set freely the rail span, from small to large span with 500mm interval, and the maximum of 40 Cutting Torches can be installed.