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  • Garage Fab - The Best Plasma Cutting Machines Online!

    Hypertherm Powermax 45xp Machine Torch 25ft. $ 691.06 $ 635.77 Add to cart. Weld Table & Fixture Kit. $ 1,499.99 Add to cart. Sale! Hypertherm Powermax 45xp CNC Ready Package 25ft Torch. $ 2,949.99 $ 2,749.99 Read more. 2×2 CNC Plasma Machine. $ 4,499.99 Add to cart.

  • Plasma cutting - PlanetCNC - CNC USB Controllers

    On plasma cutting machines, rigidity of construction is not a priority, because there are no cutting forces. The machine should be capable of dealing with kinematic forces during the acceleration and deceleration of plasma cutter. Simplicity of construction design is one of the reasons that CNC plasma cutters are often build in home garage.

  • What is the best value – plasma, laser, or waterjet?

    Regarding initial investment cost to purchase a machine, the lowest cost would be a plasma cutter. Depending on type, size, and features, a CNC plasma cutting machine could range anywhere from $15,000 to $300,000. That’s a big range, but the vast majority of CNC plasma machines sold today are well below the $100,000 mark.

  • CrossFire Personal CNC Plasma | Langmuir Systems

    Meet the Crossfire. Meet the. Crossfire. An ultra affordable personal CNC plasma table that will transform the way you design and build. Order Now. Only $1495 . Price is for Complete CNC Machine. Plasma cutter and add-on items available at checkout. Shipping: $99.95 Flat Rate Shipping on Entire Order (including add-ons).

  • Portable CNC Plasma Cutter

    This is a good job for a CNC plasma cutter, however, I could not find any on the market that is small and affordable enough for my garage. So, being a tinkerer, I decided to design and build my own. You can buy the plan for the machine below or I also sell fully assembled machine with controller.

  • Designs CNC Free Vectors For All Machines Cutting Laser ...

    2020-07-07 Laser Cut Pendant Earrings Templates Free Vector 2018-12-24 Estrela Militar dxf File 2020-10-23 Laser Cut Desktop Book Stand Book Shelf Free Vector 2020-10-20 Laser Cut Kid’s Puzzles 3mm MDF SVG File 2019-07-09 Laser Cut Lamp 12 Free Vector 2018-12-17 Balsa Spitfire Glider 2 6mm PDF File 2020-10-23 Laser Cut Tea House Tea Bag Dispenser Free Vector 2019-04-27 …

  • Eastwood Versa Cut 60-Amp Portable Plasma Cutter

    Powerful Metal Cutting. You may not need to cut through super-thick metal often - but you'll be happy you can with the Versa Cut 60. This 220v, 50 to 60Hz, 60-amp output portable plasma cutter is designed to easily cut steel, aluminum and stainless steel from 0.010- to 0.875-inch thick.

  • Plasma Cutters | Langmuir Systems

    Each CrossFire™ machine comes standard with a universal torch mount which can accept both hand and machine style torches. RAZORWELD Plasma Cutters. Our mission from the beginning was to bring CNC plasma cutting to the hobby level by offering a low cost and tailored solution to the home consumer. While there are many high quality plasma cutters on the market today, many of these models are much more expensive than the CrossFire™ machine …

  • Langmuir Systems | CrossFire CNC Plasma Tables

    Engineered to increase your manufacturing output, the CrossFire XR is a high performance industrial CNC Plasma table loaded with features that increase efficiency and cut quality. The XR includes a 4x8' cutting envelope, heavy-duty industrial frame, large structural water tray, and purpose-built software with included touchscreen control computer. Learn More about CrossFire XR→.

  • 2x4 CNC Plasma Machine - The Greatest CNC Cutting Machine ...

    Machine specifications for the Garage Fab 2×4 CNC Plasma Machine : – Axis cut range. (X – axis 48″) (Y – axis 48″) (Z – axis 5″) – Table footprint size. (width – 72” ) (length – 39” ) (height to Z axis – 55” ) (height to cable management – 72” ) – Motor specifications.