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  • Arc Welding Seamer - MITUSA, Inc.

    Our longitudinal weld seamers use durable linear rails with bearing blocks for a smooth seam weld is made along the clamped joint. Our design gives the track a strong hold and allows free travel of the side beam carriage. Carriage travel car carries. Applications for a …

  • Welding Seamer and Seam Welder Design Types

    These designs of longitudinal seam welders use linear rails on a tight tolerance side beam that carries a travel carriage or track car down the length of the linear beam. Seam welding machines have side beams that can reach from one foot in length, up to fifty feet in length of …

  • Longitudinal Seam Welder - CRUXWELD

    Jan 24, 2017 · Longitudinal Seam Welder is designed for straight line welding of different metals with a thickness ranging from 0.1 mm to 10 mm The Longitudinal Seam Welder gives complete penetration on untacked cylinders and flat sheets without any heat and distortion of the material. This process optimizes the welding process and improves its quality of welding.

  • ProArc Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welder

    Longitudinal seamer, lengths from 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm up to 4200mm. Minimum workpiece diameters from 67mm to maximum of 850mm as standard, riser blocks available to increase diameter on request. Standard colour RAL7035 - …

  • Longitudinal Seam Welders - SEMAC - Quality has future

    Longitudinal seam welding of pipes with large diameters is a job that frequently occurs in tank and boiler construction. A vertical welding position is ideal in such cases since, during and after welding, the boiler section already has the right orientation for subsequent work.

  • Longitudinal Seam welder - Lind SA Automation

    Longitudinal Seam welder ProArc seam welding machine are designed for straight line welding for all weldable metals in thickness from 0.1mm to 10mm. It provides 100% penetration, single pass weld on untacked cylinders and flat sheets without heat distortion to the material.

  • Seam Welders | MITUSA, Inc.

    The longitudinal seam welder bed retractable edge alignment devices assist the operator in aligning the part over the centerline of the backup bar groove. Linear rails are mounted to the top and bottom of the fabricated track, allowing the side beam track carriage to travel smoothly via four bearing blocks.

  • Longitudinal Seam Welding Machines - English

    Longitudinal Seam Welding Machines. High quality, productive longitudinal seam welding calls for the utilisation of advanced, superior technology. This enables us to us to protect and expand our market position despite increasingly fierce competition. Our ELENA ® longitudinal seam welders …

  • Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine -

    Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine. The automatic longitudinal seam welder is mainly used for welding the inner and outer longitudinal seams of medium-thin wall (thickness 0.5-6mm) cylinders. Longitudinal seam welder can be equipped with TIG, MIG / MAG, PAW, SAW and other welding processes. The automatic seam welder is suitable for carbon steel ...