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  • Fuel Cost Calculator

    This free fuel cost calculator estimates the fuel cost of a trip based on fuel efficiency, distance, and gas price using various units of measurement. In addition, explore hundreds of calculators including a gas mileage calculator, horsepower calculator, and many others addressing topics such as math, finance, fitness, health, and more.

  • Fuel Cost Estimator - KOA Campgrounds of America

    Use our simple fuel cost estimator to help you understand the impact of higher gas costs on your pocket book. Enter current and anticipated gas prices per gallon, the mileage you achieve with your RV, truck or car, and the distance that you anticipate traveling for a trip, or in a given month or year. Our calculator does the rest for you! Enter ...

  • Estimating Gas Costs for a Road Trip - The News Wheel

    May 21, 2021 · If you expect to pay $2.50 per gallon of fuel on a road trip that requires 40 gallons of gas, you should budget $100 for gasoline. Fuel-Efficient and …

  • Multi-Stop Route Planning and Optimization Tools - MapQuest

    Import. Have a lot of stops? Route Planner can optimize your route so you spend less time driving and more time doing. Provide up to 26 locations and Route Planner will optimize, based on your preferences, to save you time and gas money. Print. Share. One address per line. (2/26 Max) Clear. Add another stop.

  • AAA Gas Calculator

    Mar 26, 2012 · AAA Gas Calculator is better known as AAA Fuel Cost Calculator. AAA Gas Calculator is the product of AAA that stands for American Automobile Association Incorporation. In the words of a layman AAA Gas Calculator is primarily used to calculate the amount and cost of gasoline that will be required to complete an individual's vacation trip.

  • Route planner: route calculation, detailed journey cost ...

    By entering the make, range, model, year, engine and fuel type, your route will provide you with the fuel consumption and cost information specific to your vehicle. The cost calculation takes into account the type of roads taken and is based on an average drive in terms of fuel consumption.


    Up to10%cash back · Gas Prices. About AAA; Join AAA; Visit AAA; Contact Us; Gas Prices. State Gas Price Averages; Gas Cost Calculator; News. Fuel Saving Tips; Fuel Quality; Premium Fuel Research; Top Trends; ... AAA GAS COST CALCULATOR. Today’s AAA National Average . $3.078 . Price as of 6/24/21. where are you going?

  • Trip Fuel Cost and Consumption Calculator ...

    We calculate the total fuel required to cover the distance with your vehicles fuel economy number and then multiply that with the gas price to find the total fuel cost for the trip. Select the fuel economy unit used in your country from the options provided viz., miles per gallon (mpg) , kilometers per liter (kmpl) , liters per 100 kilometers ...

  • Travel Cost Calculator - Travelmath trip calculator

    Travelmath provides an online cost calculator to help you determine the cost of driving between cities. You can use this data to figure out a budget for a road trip. The driving calculation is based on the average fuel efficiency of your vehicle, and you can change the gas mileage in mpg or L/100 km to match your exact make and model.

  • How to Calulate the Cost of Gas When Traveling ...

    You’ll need 34.45 gallons of gas for your trip. Next, multiply 34.45 by the cost of gas. Let’s say the cost of gas is $2.45/gal. 34.34 multiplied by 2.45 is 84.40. The cost gas on your trip will be $84.40. Knowing the cost of your trip is very important when you’re budgeting or when you simply want to know how much your trip is going to cost.

  • Gas Cost Calculator - Trip Cost Calculator - Estimate Cost ...

    Travel Cost Calculator. Trip Cost Calculator. Distance Calculator. Travel Cost Calculator. Toggle navigation ... Car MPG; Taxi Fare; Estimate Travel Cost. Fuel Cost. Distance. Flight Time. Car MPG. Taxi Fare. Car Details. Distance 200 miles Cost of Trip: $ Miles Per Gallon. City. Highway. Average. Litres per 100 km. Last ...

  • Fuel Cost Calculator – How Much will the Trip Cost?

    May 20, 2021 · Fuel Cost Calculator – How Much will the Trip Cost? On this page is a fuel cost calculator, which lets you estimate the cost of fuel you'll spend on a trip. Enter the trip distance, your cost of fuel, and your vehicle's fuel efficiency and the tool will guess how much you'll spend to power your trip.

  • Gas Calculator - How Much Gas Will I Use? | Gas Trip ...

    Oct 12, 2020 · Then, knowing the trip distance, you can use the fuel cost calculator and easily find if is it affordable for you to use a car for the trip. Remember, you can easily reduce costs of gas by finding cheap gas stations on the way and by taking more friends with you, who can chip in for the fuel.

  • Cost of Driving Calculator - Travelmath trip calculator

    Fuel cost calculator Cost to drive between cities Travelmath provides an online driving cost calculator to help you determine how much you'll spend on gas for your next road trip. You can enter airports, cities, states, countries, or zip codes to compute the cost of driving between locations.

  • Official MapQuest - Maps, Driving Directions, Live Traffic

    Official MapQuest website, find driving directions, maps, live traffic updates and road conditions. Find nearby businesses, restaurants and hotels. Explore!

  • Estimate Gas Cost - Basic Mathematics

    Total cost of gas = 3 + 1.5 = 4.5 dollars. Example: Estimate gas cost if gas price is 3 dollars, your vehicle efficiency is 20 CITY / 30 HWY, and you drive 30 miles on the highway and 10 miles in the city. Just plug in the numbers in the formula. Total cost of gas =.

  • Fuel Cost Calculator – How Much will the Trip Cost?

    The fuel cost calculator is relatively straightforward, but you will have to make a few choices for us to guess at what you'll spend. Please fill in the following fields: Trip Distance (km or mi) - Enter the distance you'll be traveling on the trip, including any excursions you'll take off the main path.

  • Road Trip Cost - find out how much you'll spend on your ...

    Road Trip Cost. The road trip cost app helps you calculate the cost to drive between cities, taking into account gas prices, mileage driven, fuel efficiency of your car or truck in MPG, and other variables. Calculate your driving cost and plan a road trip using this tool.

  • AAA - Fuel Price Finder & Fuel Gauge Report

    We offer a range of helpful member benefits, such as trip planning tools, fuel finders and calculators to help navigate your way around the high cost of fuel. Fuel Price Finder Find the lowest gas prices near you and at more than 100,000 stations across the U.S. Plus, estimate the fuel cost for a road trip …

  • Fuel Economy Trip Calculator

    In Step 2, you will enter the trip details including starting point, intermediate stops, and destination. Enter the Trip. You will be able to modify the route by dragging the route line on the map. The Trip Vehicles section above will be updated with the cost of fuel for the trip.

  • Gas Trip Calculator. Find lowest fuel prices & save ...

    Calculate the gas cost for your trip accurately and with ease by using GasBuddy. Beyond the Trip Cost Calculator: How to Save on Gas Money by Using GasBuddy. Looking for the best deals and savings on gas around? Join the club and get a Pay with GasBuddy Fuel Saver Card and save even more. ...

  • Gas Cost Calculator with Map |

    Gas Cost Calculator with Map. Welcome to our free gas cost calculator. Our calculator will supply the number of gallons and total gas price for your trip. Our calculator will also supply travel directions and a map. All fields are required fields. Origin and destination …

  • Choose EV – Savings Calculator

    Gas$11,250per 5 years/5 yrs. EV. $1,956. per 5 years. /5 yrs. Switch to EV and your 5 year savings could look like this:*. $ 9,293. * Disclaimer: This tool is only intended to provide an estimate of potential savings. Actual results will vary.

  • Trip Calculators - Tollsmart - Free Toll Calculator

    Want to estimate fuel costs for a road trip? Then head to our sibling website Cost2Drive where you can use the innovative Galculator (gas calculator) to see how much it will cost to drive anywhere in the US based on the fuel efficiency of your car and real time gas prices along your route from over 100,000 gas stations. Even better, you can also see what it will cost to fly the same route so ...

  • Fuel cost calculator | How much does a trip cost

    The answer is easy, please below the formula on how to calculate the MPG. miles driven gallons used = mpg. Please note: Check and write down the miles on your trip odemeter (just before a refill). Check and write down the miles traveled from the trip odometer . Divide the miles traveled by the amount of gallons (it took to refill the tank).

  • Gas Trip Cost Calculator | Gas Trip Calculator

    The gas trip cost calculator exactly as you see it above is 100% free for you to use. If you want to customize the colors, size, and more to better fit your site, then pricing starts at just $29.99 for a one time purchase. Click the "Customize" button above to learn more!

  • Travel Budget Calculator with Automatic Expense Multipliers

    Optional: If you want to use the built-in fuel cost calculator, enter the estimated number of drive-miles for the trip. Expand the description in this row to use a mini calc to add up the miles per travel day and/or the number of drive-miles per fun day, plus any extra miles -- all based on the multipliers you entered in the top section of the calculator.

  • Gas Cost Calculator - Trip Cost Calculator

    Fuel Calculator Help With Fuel Calculator you can get how much Fuel your trip will need and how much it will cost you. Fuel Calculator is totaly Optional Feature.

  • Mileage calculator | AA

    Mileage calculator. Enter your route details and price per mile, and total up your distance and expenses. Routes are automatically saved. You can improve your MPG with our eco-driving advice. Read more information about car running costs in our driving advice section.

  • Estimate the cost of your trip - gasoline and diesel usage ...

    Default gas prices are current and updated daily. Gas usage calculations use algorithms taking into account the speed and gas usage relationship curve on every segment of the trip. To ensure the best accuracy we are not simply breaking up the trip into city and highway parts. For example, some very slow trip segments can have lower MPG than the ...