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  • Track Welding | Straight-Line Welding | Bug-O Systems

    Sep 07, 2019 · The Bug-O Zipper Welder is designed to weld vertical seams on field storage tanks. The system is composed of two standard components: box rail assembly with carriage and the Modular Drive tractor. The box rail assembly with carriage hangs over the top lip of the course section.

  • Bug-O Systems: Pipe Welding Presentation - YouTube

    Dec 20, 2012 · Increasing productivity and quality of pipe welding through welding automation.

  • Bug-O Systems | Mechanized Solutions For Welding & Cutting

    BUG-O Systems is a manufacturer that provides mechanized solutions for welding & cutting. Interchangeable components solve fabrication issues for our customers.

  • Pipe Cutting & End Preparation | Bug-O Systems

    The PCC-1 is used for cutting pipe to a desired length or for beveling the edge of a pipe for weld prep. The machine features a self centering speed chuck capable of gripping 0-8″ O.D. pipe and 3-11″ I.D. pipe. A racking group supports a plasma or oxy-fuel torch which can be setup for square or beveled cuts up to 12” in length.

  • Bug-O Sprinkler Welding Cutting System | Weld Plus - YouTube

    Apr 24, 2015 · showing a Bug-O Cypress Sprinkler welding and cutting system. These are used for the manufacturing of sprinkler pipe and nozzle assem...

  • The Advanced Pipe Welding System - Bug-O

    Piper-Plus Pipe Welding Kit PIPER-PLUS MECHANIZED PIPE WELDING SYSTEM Requires Consumable Parts Kit (see p.11 for details) which defines and consists of wire size, drive roll type, nozzle opening diameter, tip extension, and tip shape. • Lincoln Electric Power Wave® S500 • PWS-4100 Wire Feed Assembly • Welding Gun, 450 AMP Capacity

  • Mechanized Pipe Welding System from Bug-O

    Actual Welding Deposition Rate (deposition Rate x Operating Factor) a ctual Welding d eposition Rate kg/hr the BUG-O PIPER-BUG is a complete Pipe Welding System that includes the welding power source. • Unique digital control box. • Quick release mechanism for easy mounting to rail • Microprocessor controlled panel

  • How To Weld Pipe With A Mig Welder - YouTube In this video on how to weld pipe with a mig welder. Jeremy shows you the proper way on how to but the two peices of pip...