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  • Plate Beveling Machines Archivi | G.B.C. Industrial Tools

    Plate beveling machines by GBC can bevel plates of any material (carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, inconel, etc.). Depending on the models, our plate beveling machines can: lock plates from 6 to 120 mm thickness; reach a bevel diagonal up to 80 mm; do the J bevel, do the facing and the clad removal.

  • Plate bevellers | Beveller | Beveling machines

    Hand-held bevellers. can achieve great beveling results and at the same time are very affordable. Different bevellers can be used for beveling of straight & curved plates, holes and pipes.

  • Plate Bevelers | McMaster-Carr

    Plate Bevelers. Create beveled edges, contours, and cutouts on flat plates in order to prepare them for welding and give them a finished look. For a complete setup, you’ll need a beveler and a cutter head with the right angle for your application. Bevelers have an electric motor to remove material quickly. Maneuver them using the rotating handle.

  • How To Use A Plate Beveller? - BDS Machines

    May 01, 2020 · ‹ Switch on the machine, see section Switching on the plate beveling machine. ‹ Slide the plate beveling machine slowly and evenly from right to left in the direction of the arrow. The tool operates against the direction of travel. ‹ Switch off the plate beveling machine, see section Switching the plate beveling machine on/off.

  • Portable Pipe & Plate Beveler | Electric Beveler ...

    Baileigh Industrial is known for having some of the best plate beveling machines. The CM-060PR portable pipe & plate beveler continues this tradition. The Electric Beveler CM-60PR comes with an AC induction motor which offers longer durability and lower noise, as well as its high torque. The milling angle on the CM-060PR is adjustable progressively from 0° to 60° with a maximum land width of 7/8" and …

  • Plate Bevellers - Plate Bevelling Machines by BDS & N.KO

    Plate Bevellers. Capital Equipment import a range of plate bevellers from BDS and N.KO. Please view our range of stationary and portable plate bevelers below or contact us to discuss your plate bevelling machine requirements. Please select a product from the listing below.

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    Transferring License Plates after a Sale. When you're selling a car in Colorado, you keep the vehicle's license plates. Notification of Sale. The Division of Motor Vehicles does not require you to report the sale of your vehicle. However, reporting the sale can protect you from any legal liability.

  • Plate Bevelers | Steelmax

    Plate Bevelers | Steelmax

  • Maxcline | Plate Beveller | Beveling machines

    MAXCLINE. MAXCLINE is a hand-held bevelling machine with electric drive designed for heavy duty jobs. It can bevel plates of unlimited thickness with a maximum bevel width of 21 mm. This beveller is capable of continuous work even when the heaviest industrial requirements are applied, and the machine is pushed close to its limit most of the time.

  • Plate Beveler (CM-15DS) | Baileigh Industrial | Baileigh ...

    That’s why this convenient model combines top-quality beveling technology with a rotating stand and trolley. 2 hp motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power. Cuts bevels from 3/16 to 1-9/16" (5 to 40 mm) in thickness. Handles minimum plate width of 2.75" (70 mm) and minimum length of 5-7/8" (150 mm). 2 shear blades rotate, like a can opener, to ...