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  • HK-7W-F All Position Oscillating Automatic Welding Carriage

    HK-7W-F All Position Oscillating Automatic Welding Carriage. Reduce labor intensity and improve working environment.Improve work efficiency, 1.5 times that of manual welding.Avoid poor quality welds caused by human factors. Usually manual defect rate is about 20%. The use of an automatic welding carriage did not result in a poor welding rate.

  • Welding Carriage_Shanghai RocFly Co.,Ltd. (RF WELD WORLD)

    Welding Carriage,Shanghai RocFly Co.,Ltd. (RF WELD WORLD) HK-8H Section Automatic Welding Machine Details: • Mainly used for welding of U-shaped materials during bridge or box girder making.

  • HK-8H We-Twin Section H Beam Shape automatic welding carriage

    Possessing the function of arc welding, and improving the quality of welding line of arc. Can be widely applied to ship, bridge, engine, and steel structure work, etc. HK-8H is made up of carriage body, control box, X-Y slide, torch gripper and guide wheel.