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    Intuitive operation Offering exceptional ease of use and intuitive operation, the Lorch HandyTIG series allows you to produce welding results of the highest order thanks to its automatic setting control. Non-contacting HF ignition The TIG arc is ignited without direct contact by high-voltage pulses.

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    The enclosed Lorch WPS booklet contains independently certified welding instructions of all relevant standard welding procedures for easy EN1090-compliant welding. Energy efficiency at full power. The Lorch S-series combines top performance with efficient technology and a stand-by function.

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    The Lorch MicorMIG sets new standards with its simple and effective transfer to a cutting-edge, fully adjustable welding system. Find a partner now Best welding properties when working on steel, aluminium, and stainless steel with thicknesses of up to 15 mm. Power and flexibility combined in a single welding …

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    Dubai, Shanghai, Peenemünde. Welding machines engineered by LORCH are a hot commodity all around the globe. This comes as no surprise given that LORCH’s machines rank among the best in the world. For 60 years, LORCH has been engineering and manufacturing premium-quality welding equipment for applications in trade and industry.

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    Lorch welding systems are created in the Swabian town of Auenwald – truly made in Germany by truly smart people with a focus on developing truly productive products. This is because - in the long term - products cannot be successful unless they are conceived with passion and conviction.

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    Good-bye, transition arc. Weld without spatter thanks to a stable and easy-to-control pulse arc. Exceptionally versatile. The right short arc, pulsed arc or spray arc for any . Effortless handling. Intuitive set-up, easy operation and minimum rework distinguish the MicorMIG Pulse as a favourite among welders. Pulse arc.

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    Lorch MIG Welding Machine Lorch MIG Welding Machine Our product range includes a wide range of lorch micormig synergic pulse mig welding machine, lorch p series with speed arc xt-high speed mig welding, lorch micor mig / mag welding machine, lorch m-pro synergic mig welding machine and lorch synergic speed pulse xt mig welding machine.

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    Jan 25, 2021 · quick question about a lorch we had borrowed from a friend when working on a rsj, welder at one end and another at the other end, everytime the murex welds the lorch cuts out and E24 comes up on screen. What causes this ? Hes looking to sell it but it looks like it doesnt like our other...

  • S5 SpeedPulse XT - welding machine - LORCH RHC

    As synergetic control and automatic setting control are built in, Lorch’s S5 SpeedPulse XT is guaranteed to produce welding results that are in conformity with the EN 1090. Combine your machine with Lorch’s special offer EN 1090 package, and you are ready to handle any welding task they can throw at you.

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    Lorch manufacture very high spec Mig welding machines which include the semi synergic M-pro series the fully Synergic Micor Migs and the S series Lorch Mig welding …